What Are The Best Benchpress Grips

You are a regular gym enthusiast who wants to really up their benchpress game. You’re used to the regular straight bar that you slap weights on the end and go about your routines. You put your hands just about shoulder width and grab the bar before going to town, but is this really the best way to do it? There are a variety of different types of benchpress grips that can change the way you lift and knowing what they are and how to use them can change the entire way you look at the benchpress during your trips to the gym. 

The Grips

Now you want to know what are the best benchpress grips and Wicked is here to educate you on what they are and what they do! So lets dive right in and take a look at some of the different grips you can use when lifting at the benchpress.

  • Close Grip: This is when your hands are shoulder width apart and is excellent for working to build lockout strength and endurance, strengthening your triceps, reducing elbow flare, shoulder stress, and activating the upper chest.
  • Medium Grip: Similar to the close grip, this involves tucking in the elbows more and increasing tricep engagement without causing an increase of motion in the exercise. 
  • Wide Grip: Spreading your hands out so they are about a foot out from your shoulders will get you into the wide grip and moves the stress to your pectorals instead of your triceps and lowers the overall load you need in order to get your maximum workout. 
  • Reverse Grip: Simply by turning your hands the opposite way allows you to workout your biceps, upper chest, and forearms more than you would get by a normal routine with the benchpress. While a bit harder than the traditional hold, it ensures you get to work out more muscles than a standard grip and perform a well rounded workout.

Pushing To The Next Level

Though you may want to know which of these is the single best grip for your workout, the truth is that each is the real winner for different muscle groups! Each of these will push different sets of muscles and ensure a full, well rounded workout routine when you hit the gym. Find out what you need to focus on for the day, choose the appropriate grip, and you’ll be getting your gains before you know it! And preparing for your next visit is half the battle. Check out our supplements at Wicked Supplements and get your next muscle building mix or pre-workout and up your game to the next level. 

September 30, 2021 — Whiskey River Media

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