Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone: A Battle Of Supplements

Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone has been a hot topic as of late. People have been wanting to know which is better, which is easier on the wallet, which is do you have to take less of, and which is easier to find. Getting the answers to these questions can help you decide which is better for you and how to know what you're buying before you get it.


Turkesterone is an extract exclusively taken from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant of Uzbekistan. This extract has a long history of medical applications including anabolic, adaptogenic, hepatoprotective and hypoglycemic activity. Within its native country, Turkesterone has been noted to increase muscle strength, reduce stomach aches, and help prevent heart disease. 

Results from recent research show that Turkesterone can:

  • Exhibit antimicrobial and antioxidant effects
  • Assists with the healing of wounds
  • Reduce hyperglycemia in rats
  • Stimulate the immune system

There have been a number of Turkesterone supplements appearing out of china in recent years that contain around 2% of the actual product. The other 98% is often made up of Ecdysterone, thus you are not getting the full supplement you are paying for. This has, in turn, sparked a greater debate about Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone. 


 Ecdysterone, compared to Turkesterone, is more readily and easily available. This is due to Ecdysterone being available through a variety of insects and plants on the African continent.  Ecdysterone is notable because:

  • It is cheaper to produce than Turkesterone
  • It has been studied in humans and proven to be safe orally and with resistance training
  • Is less potent than Turkesterone
  • Requires higher dosages than Turkesterone to get the same results

Ecdysterone is, by itself, a solid supplement that will help get the job done and increase your muscle mass through resistance training. Turkesterone is a more pure, powerful supplement but has a higher associated cost due to the regional difficulty of production. 

The Winner

In the Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone war, is there a clear winner? The answer is: No. It all depends on what sort of benefits you want from your supplement, how much you want to pay, and how fast do you want to see results. Turkesterone is more powerful but has higher cost and no studies performed in humans while Ecdysterone has had human studies done and is easier to produce.

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January 02, 2022 — Bradley Baker

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