If your tracking shows delivered but you didn’t receive your items, you should contact your carrier immediately. If we are closed, these are the steps you will be provided with when we reopen and read your email about the missing package. These guidelines were developed by recommendations from the USPS website.


If your address is correct, then your carrier may have put it in the wrong mailbox, they need to open the boxes and look for your package. Ask your neighbors if they received your package. This is a United States Postal Service issue that needs to be investigated by USPS. Here is what you do:


1. Visit the usps website and complete a USPS Service request. You will need the formal response to this request for Wicked to reship a package that usps indicates has been delivered (if it’s not located as indicated by a usps case closed formal response) , 



The post office must respond to this formal request in writing indicating that they are investigating. If they do not find the package they will email a formal letter indicating they did not find the package. You will email this letter to us for package replacement claims.


2. AFTER filing the service request-Contact your LOCAL post office by visiting, ask to speak to a supervisor, and give them your tracking number and ask them to consult with the carrier on your route. They should have GPS locations of where the package was scanned and delivered. Explain that you have not received your package, it shows delivered and you need the carrier on the route to open ALL the mailboxes on their route and check for your package and that you would like to file a complaint. Let them know that you have filed a service request online- requests are subject to auditing by the US Postal Service Auditor. 


Your local post office number can be found by searching with your zip code:




If it was delivered to the wrong address, that person may have left it in their mail box for the carrier to pick up or returned it to USPS for redelivery.  It usually takes 5-7 days  after a missed delivery to be returned to USPS. 99% of the time your package can be recovered this way. Apartment/multi mailbox recoveries are usually always found when the carrier opens all the boxes. 


Please contact Wicked at least 5-7 business days-  after you have received a formal written response to your service request. If your package cannot be located, please email the formal service request closure from usps indicating that the package was not located and we will ship another package.

FAQs from USPS https://www.usglobalmail.com/usps-says-delivered-but-no-package/



Wicked Support Team